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The Orlando 48 Hour Film Festival 2012 "Other People's Live"
by Corey Steib on August 23rd, 2012

Other People's Lives

For the past couple of years I have been trying to do the Orlando 48 Hour Film Festival and everytime it comes around I would get booked on a gig. So this year I made it my mission to be a Cinematographer in one of the shorts and the best part of it was I not only got a chance to work with my cousin Jenn Vargas but also a great team at that. The title of the film is "Others People's Live" it was directed by TL Westgate and Written by Michelle Bretana of CreativeInletFilm 
We had a total of 11 actors/actresses with speaking parts in the film which was a Drama Genre. To get a good detail breakdown of the 48 hours check it out here
The Film was shot on the Sony FS100 with Nikon PL Lenses and edited in Adobe Premiere CS5.5. And lighting wise I used 3 FloLight (day light balance) lights to light the inside of the house. We had 5 sets up to do and got done in 9 hours. Quote "Filming proved even more of a challenge, especially to our DP (my cousin Corey)! With a nasty monsoon (or, as I like to say, #thenothing) looming overhead and the sun peeking in and out on us most of the day, lighting consistency became a huge hurdle. Good thing we had pizza and humor to hold us over while we made it work." By Jen Vargas

Other People's Lives - 48 Second Trailer

Now we can't post up the eniter film just yet as our screening was last night but the judges still have to vote so for now I leave you with this 

BTS Photos

Frame Grabs

Special Thanks To

And the rest of the cast and crew of the film :) along with 

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