Sony Introduces 2 New Cameras-F5 and F55

Sony F5
Sony F55
Well I must say that when I saw the announcement today from Sony I was mixed of surprised and not surprised as I had a feeling that they were going to come out with a 4K Camera but 2 cameras I was like WOW :). I know the price for both cameras have not been set in stone and I have been reading on twitter that some people are saying 20k for the F5 and 30-50K for the F55. The camera does not come out until next year but I think Sony just beat everyone with this I am sorry to say and Red Camera (Jim and the great guys at RED) you set the bar and now the gators have reached the bate, now it's your turn to leave the bar or put more meat on it and raise it higher. 
I tell ya back when I was a Assistant Cameraman (2003-2008) the digital age was just beginning as I was being trained on new Film Cameras from Panavision and Arri coming out and the still somewhat new Sony F900. Then comes the RED Camera which was a mind blower for the industry and will be known as a game changer for sure as then the Arri (D20/21) Panavision (Genesis) and Sony (F23) came out later that year (2006-2008) to try and compete with RED and at that time I started to get into the digital work flow more as an AC. But Fast Forward to the fall of 2012 and just WOW I ask myself what's the limits and how far can we go cause just 9 years ago I only had to learn a couple of new cameras (Film Cameras-35mm and 16mm) and now they are coming out with new cameras every month to 6 months at that. As a filmmaker I am so happy and excited at what the future holds for us as the cameras get better and better (=Better Tool for the Craftsman).    
I must say for now I will stick with my Sony FS100 as it suites me for the jobs that I do and the clients that I work with. But that does not mean I would love to get my hands on these 2 new cameras :)  (Kid in the Candy Store). I am sure Sony will come out with more news between now and next year so for this moment here are some links that I think you should check out. 

"Happy Shooting"


Just within the last day Sony announced more information and pricing on their new Sony F5 and F55 Cameras which are slated to come out next year. Here below is a list of the prices that Sony came out with in just the past 24 hours. 
Now I was going to do a whole new article on this but just last night I saw a blog that Andrew Reid of did on it and I was just blown away and he brought up a lot of key points like how will Canon,Red and Arri fire back on this as some are saying that this blows RED out of the water price wise and it's internal 2K and 4K recording which on the new Canon C500 you need a 3rd party device to get the 4K and or RAW Files were with Sony they already have it and at a very good cost. I am not going to go into more detail on this as you can just read the article :)

Canon C500 beaten? Arri Alexa challenged? Sony F5 and F55 shooting reports by Jon Fauer ASC and official pricing
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