How to Balance Your Camera

I know most people just use there ball head to balance out there tripod but do you really know the correct way to do it? Now each job and situation is different as there are times you have a few minutes to level out your tripod and times there are not. But there is one key thing to remember and really the quickest to do it. Depending on how tall your subject is and if you have a quick release plate or your just using the plate off the tripod, you always want to try and get eye level with your subject as that will keep your horizontal line nice and leveled. And really that is pretty much it :) so no matter what tripod your really using as long as you have your tripod set to eye level and your ball head in the center of the bubble then you are golden :).
Now saying it doing it are two different things as I work with all different types of cameras as I bounce from the Corporate World to Reality TV to Commercials and Films. The most time consuming task it balancing a camera with a support rig like you see above in the photo as I have a support rig for this massive 55x zoom lens. I have put this rig together dozens of times but with this camera as you can see I have put the LCD on the bottom of the tripod which does help my neck vs the top of the camera which add weight to it, so as I am trying to balance for the lens I also have to try and balance for the lcd screen and this can be a pain in the butt at times to do. Again each tripod is different so adjusting the slider and finding the sweet spot on the rig to line up with the base plat is tricky as on average I have to take the camera off the tripod and re-adjust at least 3 times. Having a level and balance camera is a must in the corporate world and anywhere else as it will make your life easier trust me :).
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Corey Steib

I am an award winning cinematographer and photography based in Orlando, FL. I have worked on over 200 feature films, tv shows and live events.

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