The little film that could

Back in August of this year the CreativeInletFilms Team decided to get back together and do the (2013) 48 Hour Film Project: Orlando which you where given only 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film in 7 minutes of running time using only one prop and one line of dialog. Most of the team have been doing this for the past few years as this was only my 2nd year working with them as it is a joy and a pleasure to do so as we are all working professionals in the business. This year we were all hyped up and ready to go as the competition has increased a lot from last year to 35 other films and we finally got the genre we wanted which was a comedy/buddy film.

The entire team went out to eat after we were given our packet and in 2 hours we had the script written with only a few tweaks to work out.  The following day we showed up at our first location at 8am and started shooting 30 minutes later until 12pm as we wrapped up from there and drove to lunch on our way to the 2nd location. The 2nd location was a very tight space which we spent about an hour blocking shots for actors and pre lighting the scene for 3 different set ups which took us 4 hours to complete. The following morning at 8am the director TL Westgate started to edit a rough draft of the film and around 4pm he had the film all finished and ready to be turned in by the 7:20pm deadline.

About a week and a half later we would finally get to see our film and others on the big screen as only 13 of the 36 teams did not make the deadline. There were 3 groups total screening 2 nights as we where in Group A as ours showed the first night to a jammed packed theater. There where a lot of really good films this year for sure as I was as nervous as a duck crossing the road, But when our film came up I was focused and ready to see how the audience would respond. Needless to say they loved it which was great as any filmmaker loves to see his or her audience reactions to there film. 

After all the screenings and voting were completed 2 weeks later they finally announced the winner  who would go onto the regional round in New Orleans (March of 2014) for Filmapalooza 2014 and the overall winning film being shown at the Cannes Film Festival.
Winning the Best of Category
  • Audience Choice Award
  • Best use of Dialogue
  • Best Musical Score
  • Runner up for Sound Design
  • Best Special FX
  • Best Directing
  • Best Film


Hans ChristiansonAgent Don Bleshing
T.L. WestgateAgent Cooper
Amanda Powell- Agent Stacy Bernard
Brittany Isham- Agent Valerie Shepherd
Michelle Bretana- The Captain 
Christina Carmona- Felicia Mal Gato
Nando Luis Roman- Lucius Scratch


Left to Right-Cinematographer: Corey Steib, Sound: Danny J Page, Camera Operator: Jay De Los Santos, Production Manager: Jen Vargas, Writer/The Captain: Michelle Bretana, Agent Bleshing: Hans Christianson, Director/Agent Cooper: T.L. Westgate, Motion Graphics: Grayson Blackmon, Still Photographer (taking this photo) Rafael Velazquez.

Now I must say that we did not think we would ever win for best film at the 48 hour film project, but that was just the beginning as our director TL decided to enter it into the Enzian Film Slam which is held every month as the winner will go on to the 22nd Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. The Best films from that will go on to represent the “Best of Brouhaha” in the 2014 Florida Film Festival in the shorts category. 
This is why our film is the "Little Film that Could", we are spreading like a wild fire over the festival circuit and we are just getting started. With us being selected for the "Best of the Brouhaha" we are going onto the 2014 Florida Film Festival which we are all so happy about and sure can't wait for. So if you are a professional filmmaker or even a hobbyist, get out there, shoot and show the world what you are made of. 

Links to photos, websites and social media are listed below so check them out.

Official Website 
Facebook Page 
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Corey Steib

I am an award winning cinematographer and photography based in Orlando, FL. I have worked on over 200 feature films, tv shows and live events.

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