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One of my good friends Ryan E Walters wrote a blog post today about giving Final Cut Pro X a second chance. I have been using FCPX for a while now and I love it more then ever as I think it should of been where it is at now before they released it the first time but that's for another blog. Today I am going to talk about the 2 apps I use with FCPX which you can use with other NLE's like Premiere called CTRL (plus symble) Console and VWave Lite which you can get in the app store.
As you can see the photos above you can use it as a Controller or an Editor as it will get you away from your keyboard short cuts and allow you to work faster while editing in real time with any NLE. I use this almost a a daily bases whenever I edit as it makes my life much easier when I have to go frame by frame on something.

The other device I use is great for color grading especially if you don't yet have the budget or need a color grading board. It's called the VWave Lite made by Tangent which works with FCPX, Premiere and Davinci. 
Now there is one other app by Pxiel Film Studios called ProCutX which you can use for both your ipad and iphone, I have not used this app as of yet so I can't really say much about it at the moment but so far the layout and tools inside it are really cool.
These apps are great tools for me to have but they may not work for you, so like I tell everyone "Find the tool that works for you". I hope that you all have enjoyed this blog and please leave a comment below if you have any questions or shoot me an e-mail.

Corey Steib

I am an award winning cinematographer and photography based in Orlando, FL. I have worked on over 200 feature films, tv shows and live events.

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