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The Electric Camera Car: The Wave Of The Future
by Corey Steib on December 13th, 2016

So for the past year or so I have been hearing more and more about electric camera cars. If you were to google electric camera cars you will see many different types of them. But my good friend Michael Bernstein with A Production House Audio Visual took it a step further.
Michael comes from an engineering and steadicam background which means he is pretty smart (Cocky New Yorker :) ) but if someone says to him it can't be done then he sets out to prove you wrong. Some people don't like that but some do, me I do as that's just Mike for you and that's who he is as a person which I love. He gives it to you strait and to the point.
Ok so what makes this electric camera car different from all the rest? Well first Michael wanted to provide a safe moving camera platform for productions both inside and outside. Second, it's not a golf cart design with parts thrown on it. This design was from the ground up as he spent 3 years working hard on it.


  • Tops out at 90mph (Driver Only)
  • Tops out at 45mph (with Steadicam Op)
  • Steadicam mount on both front and back
  • Driven both indoors and outdoors as it's 100% electric
  • The car also come with a gyro stabilized camera mount that can hold just about any camera up 15lbs in weight.
  • A on board video recorder will also record a backup in 4K.
  • Wireless video transmitter is also available for this car so others can see what the car is shooting
  • On board batteries can also supply power to what ever camera is being used
  • It has a 3000watt inverter built in it for battery power to the cameras, monitors etc..
  • It can hold up to a 24 foot jib (not in motion) and a 10 foot jib (while in motion).
One of the things you will see in the video (below) and what you can see in the photos (above) is that it has many different mounting points and has a low center of gravity. Michael is gearing this towards the indie film market but he has used it on national tv shows and other projects.

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