Online Lighting Diagram

As I am sure you know by now that there are a few lighting apps that allow you to design an plot and give you an idea on how you want it to look in the pre production stages. But sometimes they don't work the way they should or you have to pay for an upgrade when you just want to do basic stuff.

Today I was doing some research on lighting diagram for my tv studio at work and came across one that is free and simple to use called The Online Lighting Diagram Creator By qhphotography. I truly found it simple to use as far as what I was trying to do, sure there could be a few things that would be nice to have but it's not over complicated.

The photo below is the one I did this morning and it is just a rough draft, but it did what I was wanting to do. I was done on a desktop so I will have to see how responsive it is on a mobile device. Best of all it is free and he does as you to donate if you are using it for commercial use but if you are using it for your photography set up then that's ok.  

Corey Steib

I am an award winning cinematographer and photography based in Orlando, FL. I have worked on over 200 feature films, tv shows and live events.

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